Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Six Month Pledge Campaign by Art Student

Had to include this one, it's about a plastic bag education campaign by Roman Jaster, a student at my alma mater:

Apr 30, 2007
CalArts Student Says No to Paper and Plastic

Banned in San Francisco and likely on the way out in LA, too, plastic bags have truly become an enemy of the state, at least in California. But paper's no angel, either; the only real solution is to get people to start bringing reusable bags themselves. One CalArts student staged an "ecological intervention" to confront shoppers with the concept...

Here's Roman's website documenting the project


B'zz Bags said...

I have not heard too much about the small produce plastic bags. Neither had my wife who has started making 100% cotton bags to use instead of the plastic for produce and bulk foods. Here is her blog address - with a web site soon to follow as she ramps things up. We have found at least a 90% reduction in the use of plastic bags for our family - so not quite there yet, but huge gains.


Gary for Beth "B"

OnlineGenius said...

I think it is great to see people who care for our environment!
Especially young ones. Such as this CalArts student.

I also really enjoyed reading that not only did he put time into this, but also efforts. Jaster SEWED the bags himself and i am glad it was for a good cause!

Another thing that is great to see is that people are helping him accomplish this!

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